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Many people assume that being on Social Media is the panacea for their online marketing. Simply being on Social Media will not gain you any new business unless you know how to attract the types of people, most likely to want what you have for sale.

I’ve seen small businesses spend hours, days, weeks, months, and years just trying to improve their stats on Google Analytics only to find that a few more visits to their website does not get them any more business at all.

The sad fact is that most people in small business marketing don’t really understand what it takes to attract their ideal customers and less still, how to encourage them to buy anything.

If you’re reading this and can see yourself described above, even in a small way then read on. I’ve been working in the small business marketing arena since 2007 when I started out provisding Search Engine Optimisation for local businesses in and around Sussex UK.

Back then, getting found on the big search engines was pretty easy with some solid work on optimising web page content, based on some rudimentary keyword research. Over the years, it’s become more challenging to rank your website in the top few results for popular search terms. The good news is that it’s still a simple enough process but it does take a good amount of effort.

Social Media Drives Traffic

Since search engine optimisation has become more difficult and time consuming people, just like you, have turned to Social Media in an effort to spread the word about their business, products, and services. The main thing I see happening here is that there is a real push towards the “BUY MY STUFF” mentality where people posting on social media will simply post links to their product pages.

This “buy my stuff” approach can work in a small way but it’ll soon get you into the ignored zone simply because people just don’t like being sold to.

What you need to do is offer massive value to your target audience and ideal customer avatar.

Providing Value

Buy Gary Vaynerchuk's book on selling on social media.If you have not read the book “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchuk  you should certainly take a look at it if you want to understand how you can tell your story and offer value in a very noisy Social Media environment.

It’s not enough to tell people about your business or what you happen to be selling, you need to offer value to your audience in order for them to take notice of what you have to say.

As GaryVee often says, he Day Trades Attention…

Getting noticed on social media is becoming more challenging in the same way that SEO or Search Engine Optimisation became more challenging once Google got a good handle on what people really wanted to see and then worked out which bits of content were actually worth reading or seeing for the intended audience.

Social Media is going exactly the same way with the advent of Facebook limiting users news feeds to things they are more likely to want to see or agree with. This type of “echo chamber” internet content consumption is hard to deal with unless you understand that you must diversify your approach to social media.

Diversifying Your Social Media Approach

For years it’s been essential for businesses to be on Twitter and Facebook in order to reach their audience. This has changed radically with the proliferation of so many social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest to name a few. The various platforms will have a leaning towards a certain demographic so you can target somewhat, your ideal customers. However this is not a “fire and forget” way to reach your audience on social media because the demographic changes over time as new platforms come online and the younger people become aware that their parents are on the same platform and are following them!

You certainly need to do the work and post as much useful information on all the social media platforms that you can manage. Pinterest for example is a majorly female demographic and can be targeted well for that demographic. Facebook is somewhat different in that the demo targeting can be refined through Facebook Advertising. Diversifying your approach to social media can help you reach more of the right type of people or your ideal customer. It’s all about reacting to the responses or otherwise that you are seeing when you post your information on social media.

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