Getting a Website for your Business or Brand

Getting Started Is Quick & Easy

Getting a website for your business or personal brand is an exciting time and a process that you should enjoy. You define your key messages and provide some examples of websites you like the look of and leave the rest to me. Here’s what you’ll need to provide for the best experience:

– A clear, detailed design brief
– Who the design is aimed at attracting (your ideal customer)
– Any design assets like a Logo that you already have
– Links to examples of designs you like
– What are the key messages you want your website to convey

Don’t worry if you don’t know any of that, you can just tell me in your own words what type of website you are looking for and we can work together to create something great for you.

1 - Consultation Process

You can get started with a simple no obligation chat about what you want to achieve through your new website.

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2 - Design Phase

Once you’ve agreed what the website is to look like and the functionality required the basic design can be completed.

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3 - Content Creation

This is where you get to create the words and image combinations that best convey your message (I can help with that).

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4 - Launch Website

Now that the content is combined into the base design you can check it over before we make is visible to your customers.

Attracting Website Visitors


Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making sure that your website pages are more easily found by the major search engines like Google and Bing for the most relevant search terms that your ideal cusotmers are using to search the web for information or to find a place to buy a product or service.

Optimising your pages for the most used search terms starts with some “keyword research” which means finding out what the most popular searches are when people look for you, your products, services or brand.

Writing content that focusses on your ideal customers needs and answering all of the possible questions they might have in a detailed and understandable way is an important component of any search engine optimisation process.


Let’s Learn Together! 

My passion is to help people attain the knowledge they want and need to create an excellent online presence through video marketing and video blogging.

The video landscape is constantly changing with new platforms beign made available all of the time. Keeping up with these changes and making sure that your are ahead of the curve is an exciting challenge that we can face together. 

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