There is an increasing emphasis on “remote learning” across social media and digital marketing for businesses of all sizes. With that in mind it’s pretty clear that getting your message across to a sometimes very remote audience that could be anywhere in the world is no longer an option for your business to avoid.

Video Blogging sounds very scary to many people but it need not be at all. The fear of public speaking plays a huge part in that reticence to venture into the video blogging or VLOGGING arena. However, there really is no need for you to put yourself in that position where you are in front of a camera wondering if the people who’ll view and listen to your vlog will think badly of you.

You’ve probably worked out how to present yourself and you business to a small and local business community at various network meetings and business breakfasts, so you’re already half way there in terms of promoting your business through video and youtube.

Video presentations can take you to new and lucrative areas of marketing your business and can be so simple that you’ll be producing simple 5 minute long vlogs all about your business, your products and how your customers benefit from using your services.


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