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Welcome to this first in a series of how to start and grow your YouTube channel. I guess you’re here because you want to have a following, you’ve got a brand that you want to promote, you just want to get your message out there in a forum that lots of people can and will consume. 

They say “CONTENT IS KING” and these days content in the form of video presentation is one of the best ways to get your message out there. I want to show you how to build and grow your YouTube channel and I’m filming this as a demonstration.

I’m outside at a country park, I’m actually in a nature reserve in Sweden and so you know you can film pretty much anywhere to be able to get your message out.

Now you might wonder how do I get this nice white background, well let me show you what it really is, so here you go this is what the nice white background is. I’m standing in front of my motorhome that I use to travel around the UK and Europe. You see, I want to prove to people that you can start and grow your YouTube channel with almost any type of equipment and from almost anywhere and still make it look pretty good so that you can get your message out now my message that I want to get out there to people just like you is that you can start and grow your YouTube channel and you don’t need any fancy kit ok I’ve got some slightly fancy kit like a lapel microphone or Lavelier Mic with a radio transmitter like this. These are from RODE the RodeLink System but there’s all sorts of other much much cheaper ways of doing that, you can have a wired lapel mic you can stand closer to a camera without an external microphone so I’ll be running through all of the equipment that you must have all the equipment that would be nice to have and some of the equipment that would be really dream stuff if you really want to go into the higher quality production values of almost cinematic video most of us don’t need that to get our message out there we just need something like a smart phone a way to hold it steady or not if you’re walking around and getting your message really really well honed and I’ll be talking about how you can improve your presentation skills on camera so that you get into a conversation with your audience and one of the things I love to do is to look at the camera and notice I’ve got my sunglasses on there’s a bit of sunshine around clouds come over a lot of people make the mistake of when they’ve got a camera with a flip-out screen they look at themselves like this and that’s really disconcerting for you guys isn’t it because I’m talking to myself rather than to you and one of the things one of the little tips I’m going to be walking you through and how to do this and how to get comfortable is to look straight down that lens and make that connection like I’m hoping and making a connection with you right now hope you enjoy the series don’t forget to come back on publishing videos so twice a week depending on where I’m traveling and how the internet is for me to upload but I’ll be doing that and hoping to get two videos a week out on Tuesdays and Fridays so check back then don’t forget if you want to get involved and learn how to start and grow a YouTube channel following my journey because I’m starting and hopefully growing this YouTube channel subscribe and if you’ve liked this video click the thumbs up button oh if you want to get notified about videos that are coming out there’s a little bear icon next to the subscribe button after you’ve clicked it click that and turn on all notifications I’ll see you again next time thanks for watching bye bye