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Social Media

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Marketing yourself and your business on Social Media can be a real challenge in todays modern World where there are so many platforms and apps to master. The fact is that most of us find it difficult to keep track of what’s new and “on trend” in Social Media and struggle to get the results we are being promised by those who claim to be “in the know”.

Where to start in Social Media

The good news is that you are probably already into Social Media with the old favourites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter so you are already on the path. Lets look at each of the popular, or favourites, and then some of the up and coming platforms that are gaining ground in terms of marketing your business.

Social Media Platforms

Lets start with the one that is probably the most well known social media platform, Facebook and then move onto the other well known platforms and finally onto the up and coming platforms that you might want to consider.

 Facebook Social Media for Business

It’s pretty obvious that facebook is going to allow us all to post information about our business, services, products, and even ourselves but that does not guarantee that we’ll get the exposure we want from those posting on the “news feed” even if you make them public. The most effective way to ensure that you are putting your message in front of the right people is to plan and execute a well thought out paid advertising campaign that’s targetted at the audience you want to attract.


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