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Is a Smartphone Good Enough

Is a Smartphone Good Enough


Hi and welcome back to the how to start and grow your YouTube channel.

What I want to look at today is what sort of equipment can you start off with okay I’ve got radio microphones like wireless microphones I’ve got a Lumix G90 camera which is pretty decent gives great quality video and grateful quality still images as well if you want to take some still images to put into your video production when I started making videos and some of the advice I would give to my small business clients way back behind 5 10 years ago was if you have a smart phone you can use that now I’ve got a iPhone 10 and what I’m gonna do is just click the record button now and excuse the phone being in front of the lens there but what I want to do is just get get a bit of framing done on on the phone just to make it look about right so it’s all got this nice white background going on lots of sunshine which my might make it look a bit bright but I’ve got the the camera the phone held in my hand here and I’m gonna switch to the iPhone footage now and now we are gonna switch away from looking at that camera which is still recording and looking straight at the lens which is up at the top of the iPhone and just talking to that lens making sure that I’m making a connection with you people the other side now I’m holding it with my hand and it might look a bit shaky although the iPhone 10 is pretty good at steadying the footage so my it might be shaky it might not but we’ll see in the Edit and later on in the series I’ll be making videos about how to edit what software you might want to use how you can edit on mobile devices like an iPhone or an iPad my arms are getting tired so I’m going to switch back to this camera and get on we’re talking to you about the equipment you need as you can see the iPhone or any smartphone with video capability and for that matter any cheap camera that can take video so long as you can get that video off the camera onto a device where you can edit or in the early days I would do what I would call one take wonders I would think about a subject that I wanted to talk about and I would just put the put the iPhone up on a shelf and I would just start to talk and that confidence to talk came out of my time I spent at a Toastmasters club the Brighton and Hove speakers club down in Sussex in the UK spent five over five years five and a half years just learning a process of talking being confident and comfortable with public speaking and if you if you’re not that sure about public speaking speaking to a camera which is public speaking it’s still daunting isn’t it you should maybe consider going to your local Toastmasters club there’ll be one within a few miles of you but I would pop the camera or the iPhone up on a shelf I would practice practice practice my talk and maybe I’d make two three four five minute video and I just go into it and just get started talking if I did lots of arms as you know that sort of hesitation they could always be cut out and you could shorten your video down to really really concise message and then publish but I hope that’s been helpful I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the difference between a steadied camera on a tripod and let me let me just let me just record the one on what I’m seeing this is what I’m looking at right now you see the road radio mic receiver on the top there I’ve got the flip out screen going over there and well that’s that’s the nice steady I’ve got the tripod there you can see the place where I’m at in the background I’m actually on a campsite in Sweden right now and you know it it just goes to prove that you can formulate a message record it and get it out there wherever you are so long as you have something to record it you have a message and you have some internet access anyway that’s it for today thanks so much for watching hope you enjoyed see the differences between the types of kit that you can get started with the main messages here get started the kit doesn’t matter I’ll see you again next time bye bye for now

Start a Youtube Channel

Start a Youtube Channel

Video Transcript (scroll down for the video)

Welcome to this first in a series of how to start and grow your YouTube channel. I guess you’re here because you want to have a following, you’ve got a brand that you want to promote, you just want to get your message out there in a forum that lots of people can and will consume. 

They say “CONTENT IS KING” and these days content in the form of video presentation is one of the best ways to get your message out there. I want to show you how to build and grow your YouTube channel and I’m filming this as a demonstration.

I’m outside at a country park, I’m actually in a nature reserve in Sweden and so you know you can film pretty much anywhere to be able to get your message out.

Now you might wonder how do I get this nice white background, well let me show you what it really is, so here you go this is what the nice white background is. I’m standing in front of my motorhome that I use to travel around the UK and Europe. You see, I want to prove to people that you can start and grow your YouTube channel with almost any type of equipment and from almost anywhere and still make it look pretty good so that you can get your message out now my message that I want to get out there to people just like you is that you can start and grow your YouTube channel and you don’t need any fancy kit ok I’ve got some slightly fancy kit like a lapel microphone or Lavelier Mic with a radio transmitter like this. These are from RODE the RodeLink System but there’s all sorts of other much much cheaper ways of doing that, you can have a wired lapel mic you can stand closer to a camera without an external microphone so I’ll be running through all of the equipment that you must have all the equipment that would be nice to have and some of the equipment that would be really dream stuff if you really want to go into the higher quality production values of almost cinematic video most of us don’t need that to get our message out there we just need something like a smart phone a way to hold it steady or not if you’re walking around and getting your message really really well honed and I’ll be talking about how you can improve your presentation skills on camera so that you get into a conversation with your audience and one of the things I love to do is to look at the camera and notice I’ve got my sunglasses on there’s a bit of sunshine around clouds come over a lot of people make the mistake of when they’ve got a camera with a flip-out screen they look at themselves like this and that’s really disconcerting for you guys isn’t it because I’m talking to myself rather than to you and one of the things one of the little tips I’m going to be walking you through and how to do this and how to get comfortable is to look straight down that lens and make that connection like I’m hoping and making a connection with you right now hope you enjoy the series don’t forget to come back on publishing videos so twice a week depending on where I’m traveling and how the internet is for me to upload but I’ll be doing that and hoping to get two videos a week out on Tuesdays and Fridays so check back then don’t forget if you want to get involved and learn how to start and grow a YouTube channel following my journey because I’m starting and hopefully growing this YouTube channel subscribe and if you’ve liked this video click the thumbs up button oh if you want to get notified about videos that are coming out there’s a little bear icon next to the subscribe button after you’ve clicked it click that and turn on all notifications I’ll see you again next time thanks for watching bye bye

Series Introduction

Series Introduction


Hi, I’m Steve Counsell and I guess you’re here because you’re thinking about starting your own YouTube channel, well you’re in the right place because I’m about to start that journey with you.

I’m going to show you exactly what it takes and all of the steps to get your own channel up and running.

What it takes to promote it and to get subscribers and views.

In this video series, I’ll show you how to monetise your YouTube channel through Adsense, Affiliate Marketing and by selling products from your video.

This isn’t the first YouTube Channel I’ve started, I’ve run other YouTube channels and helped small businesses to start up their own in order to promote their business, services, and products.

Why not follow me on my brand new journey and let’s be successful on YouTube together.


Watch the video below and then follow the link at the end for more detailed information and training on how to get your Youtube Journey to provide you with the recognition you deserve.