I have always felt that allowing others to tell me what I can and can’t do, to be rather wrong. As a child, I was known for being “headstrong” and as a grew I knew in my heart that I had the ultimate authority.

Over the period of the Covid 19 pandemic and the ensuing social restrictions, I was lucky enough to be visiting Sweden for a major part of 2020, returning to England in August 2020 to a rather depressingly restricted and “locked down” country.

Lots of research and personal experience told me that the responses of Governments were more about control than protecting the health of the nation. Mask wearing is something that I don’t do as it adds an unwanted separation from our fellow men and women creating an artificial division in society and this is where my path to sovereign status began.

On 25th July 2021 I had an appointment to attend an MRI scan at Northampton General Hospital. I was unsure exactly where in the grounds the MRI department was and so I made my way to the main entrance. About five weeks prior to this appointment I had spent a week on the surgical ward due to a rather nasty gall bladder and liver infection caused by gall stones. Only on a rare occasion did I put on a mask, totalling maybe 2 hours from the whole 8 days. The clinical staff were not concerned about me not wearing a mask and indeed none of the other patients wore masks much either. Clearly, it’s not a big cause of concern for people not to wear a mask, so imagine my surprise that as I approached the main entrance of the hospital on 25th July, I was asked by a “security guard” if I had a mask. I told him that I did not wear masks and continued into the hospital. I was followed by that security guard all the time asking the same question about a mask and eventually demanding that I wore a mask inside the hospital. When I refused to interact with him further he “ordered” the receptionist not to give me direction to the MRI and then called for “backup”. further 2 security guards arrived and although I ignored them they insisted on blocking my way into the hospital and eventually physically assaulted me, picked me up and transported me to the outside of the hospital and told me that I was trespassing!

I could hardly believe what was happening, being denied a pre-arranged medical appointment at a hospital by little more than thugs and bullies. I had the presence of mind to photograph these bullies as they refused to give me their names or show me any identification.

This incident lead me to complain about the treatment I had received and to start doing some research about discriminatory treatment and what my recourse could and should be. I quickly found that complaining lead me round in circles being passed between the PALS (patient access liaison service) and the complaints department each telling me it was the other department I needed.

More research lead me to find the Sovereign Project website and facebook group and to start to understand what my real rights are in cases like this. I am sovereign and if there is no victim, then there is no crime. not wearing a mask does not in and of itself create harm to anyone and does not cause there to be a victim. So what was I to do? I learned that the way to progress this was to avoid using any “complaints procedure” as that would put me firmly in THEIR jurisdiction, but to pursue a lawful remedy through sending a “Notice” to the CEO of the hospital trust by name. It’s taken a while to learn the right approach and to better comprehend the process of a lawful notice but I have sent a notice on 27th September 2021 giving the man that acts as the CEO of the hospital trust 30 days to respond. I am requiring the names and employment status of the 3 men who prevented me from entering the hospital and made the CEO aware that he is vicariously liable for their actions if they are employed by the hospital trust or represent the hospital trust. It is now 23rd October 2021 and as yet I have had no response. I this is still the case once the 30 days are up then I shall be issuing a further notice of claim against the man that is acting as the CEO. It’s important to note that I will be seeking remedy from the man rather than the CEO of the Hospital so it will be his personal and private responsibility and not one where he can hide behind the corporate structure of the Hospital Trust. Ultimately, I could seize property belonging to the man, or place a lien on his house.

It’s a very interesting process and a great deal of learning to do. I am grateful to all the people in the Sovereign Fraternity Facebook Group who have been a very useful font of knowledge, especially pete: stone who set up The Sovereign Project.