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March 2016 saw us purchase our very first caravan or RV as some people would call it. We had been planning to buy a caravan sometime in 2016 but had a fairly small budget.
We spent some time searching around for a caravan dealer who we felt would provide us with the best service and supply a used caravan that would suite the needs of our plans to travel more.
This website will, along side our YouTube Channel, will tell our story as we transition into Full Time Living in an RV or Caravan.

The RV / Caravan

On a fairly random visit to The Sussex Caravan Centre where we liked to go ann have a look around the used and new caravans and RVs. To our delight we found a Caravan that seemed just right for us. A 4 berth Coachman Pastiche 540/4 at just short of £7000.
After securing a deal on the caravan we bought it there and then and agreed to collect it after we'd had a chance to get a tower fitted to our car (Audi A6 Allroad)

Full Time RVers

Becoming full time RV'ers is a daunting process and one that has, at times, caused some conflict between me and Wendy. What we'd decided to do was to "sell up" completely, yes sell everything we owned, including our "home" while we travel and then to settle in a smaller bricks and mortar home in the future.
We collected the caravan on 23rd March 2016 and have been almost full time in it since then. I say almost full time because we had a few weeks where we had to go back to our home to clear it out and get it prepared for sale.

Now that we've done all of that and put the flat on the market we're traveling around the UK, living full time in an RV and loving every minute of it.

During April, May, June and July 2016 we're on our travels up the East Coast of England but have to be back in Sussex on 29th July 2016 for a few weeks to sort out some business with solicitors etc.

Bricks and Mortar

As I write this we're unsure about what to do about what could be called a permanent retirement property. Owning a property feels like the right thing to do in terms of a secure long term future. After all it's just not feasible to think that we can travel full time in an RV for the rest of our lives. At some point I'll not be allowed to drive due to age. OK that's probably not for another 20 or 30 years but there will come a day when the authorities tell me to stop or I decide that it's just not safe for me to drive any longer.

So what to do?

The options for us are:
  • Renovation project
  • Retirement flat is protected block
  • Bungalow with parking
  • Rentable flat to generate some income

I'm sure that this is not an exhaustive list but it's sort of where our thinking is. We're not currently considering buying property in Europe like many older people have done but it's not totally out of bounds.

You can keep up with our news over at our Youtube Channel and on the blog page here

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