Small Business SEO Strategy and How To Make The Most Of It.

Creating an SEO Strategy is probably the last thing that most small business owners think about when they want to get found in the search results on Google. I’ve had many conversations with small business owners and those responsible for marketing their small business...

How Does Facebook and SEO Work

When Google first started out indexing the web they’d make a simple list of all the pages and content and index that against keywords and other things that mattered to them and what they thought their users would benefit from. But how does Facebook work with SEO these...

How to succeed in Keyword Research 2018

Keyword Research for 2018 and how to be successful For years Google have provided systems that will allow you and me to find out what people are searching for when they look for our products and services; it’s called keyword research and Google have provided the...

Can Email Marketing Work For Your Business?

If you're in business then you've most likely tried email marketing or been the recipient of a mass of email marketing campaigns. Many of us see the advent of email marketing as a replacement for all the old style junk mail we used to get throwing hand the post and...

Social Media

Getting yourself or your business noticed on Social Media can seem like a full time job. Having the time to post and interact might seem impossible. Learn the basics of how to set up and manage an effective Social Media Presence that won’t distract you from your important business priorities.


Video is the certainly a great way to advertise your business and video blogging is an easy way to get yourself and your business noticed. Build trusting relationships with your ideal clients through these simple to understand and easy to use techniques with no special equipement required.

Digital Marketing

It’s all about the strategy. Simply launching into some random marketing activities without having a good overall strategy and an activity plan will get you some exposure but will not get you the results that a marketing campaign should provide. Learn how to run your campaign & get measurable results.

Website Building

Having a website is a required asset these days becasue you’ll want to send your contact to a place on the web that you own and control. Too often the social media platforms have “moved the goal posts” and put your connections one step further away from you. Your own website changes all that.

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Why You Should Have Your Own Digital Marketing Coach

Every successful business person will have a coach to help them through the decision processes they’ll go through on a daily basis. Of course, as a business owner you’ll be aware of the things you need to do to make your business more successful. One of those things is going to be attracting new customers to your business through a well work our marketing strategy and plan of marketing activity.

In the World we live in today, where marketing you business is moving into a fully digital arena it may be challenging to assess where to place your digital marketing focus within the overall marketing strategy.

Some will guide your towards the more traditional, tried and tested, Marketing channels like print media, magazine adverts, notice boards, leaflets and so on.

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