Essential blog elements that attract more readers

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Essential blog elements that attract more readers

Every blog post that you create should be well crafted with certain elements that'll make your posts stand out from the crowd. Blog posts are a great way to create an information-rich website that the Search Engines will love to direct visitors to.

I've followed the guys over at CopyBlogger for years and have really appreciated the information they've provided over that time. It's with great pleasure that I'm able to share some of this with you in the form of the Eleven Essential Ingredients Every Blog Needs Infographic. Follow this advice and you'll be able to create blog posts that top the rankings in Google and the other search engines.

It takes time to craft an exceptional blog post, so don't think that this is the easy answer to getting your blog posts seen and listed in the SERPs. you'll need to work hard to create blog posts that everyone will want to keep reading.

Take a look through the infographic below and I'll see you on the other side to explain what it all means.

11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs [Infographic]


How To Craft A Magnetic Headline

Right at the start of the Infographic above, there is mention of the "Magnetic Headline" and what is meant by that is to be able to write a headline for your story that will attract the eyes of your ideal clients and make them interested enough to actually click on the story or blog post in order to read more.

You see, that is the only job of your headline, the make the maximum number of people interested enough to read the first paragraph.

So how do we go about creating a headline that is good enough to attract the most readers?

As noted at the top of the info graphic David Ogilvy said that "The headlines which work best are those that promise the reader a benefit.". Working your headline so that it does promise some benefit to them is the best way to make your heading most attractive, but what constitutes a benefit to them? 

Looking at the heading of this blog post I inferred that you'd be getting " Essential blog elements that attract more readers". I think you'll agree that getting more readers is a serious benefit and one that most bloggers are looking for. 

Here are some ways that you could offer benefits to your readers in the headline:

  • A list of ways to do things - EG "5 ways to improve your SEO"
  • How To... - EG "How to get to the top of the Google rankings"
  • Using "Why..." - EG "Why Google does not care about your keywords" 

Well, you probably get the idea; the main thing is to use emotion to grab your readers' attention in that first sentence (the headline) and then to fulfil that promise with the rest of your writing. A great way to craft your headlines is to pop on over to the CoSchedule headline analyser and start to try out your own headline ideas.

Open With A Bang

The second essential element of writing excellent blog posts is that you should continue to capture your readers' attention in that very first paragraph.


Use Persuasive Words

Every word we place in our blog post MUST be there for a reason and not just to fill a gap. Writing blogs is all about marketing your business so you must not waste the opportunity you have created by getting people to read your article with that great headline and introduction.

Offering benefit throughout your blog post is essential and will have your readers coming back for more. Most importantly they'll probably want to share it with their contacts too. This sharing will put your marketing through blog writing on steroids!

Write Damn Good Sentences

When you're thinking about the content for your latest blog post, you'll need to consider every word very carefully; crafting and re-crafting each of the sentences on the page so that you maintain the readers' interest every step on the way.

Telling stories is a great way to do that, so start thinking about the stories you have to tell about your business, products and services.

Sign up for a Grammarly account to help you craft your posts and help with spelling and grammar. Even the smallest of errors will have your readers stopping in their tracks and thinking about the error they have just spotted and not about the story you're telling.

Insert Killer Bullet Points

You've already expereinced bullet point in this blog post. What did you think?

Most blog readers are looking for some specific information to help them overcome a problem they have. Whether it's:

  • Where to buy your products
  • How to create something
  • What is the capital of a far-flung country

Bullet points make your content easier to consume and simpler for your readers to find exactly the right piece of information they need.

Create Exquisite Sub-Headings

You might have noticed that in this post I have broken up the text into small chunks of information that follows the structure of the infographic. I've used sub-headings to help you, the reader, find the bit of info you want to know more about.

You can also use sub-sub-headings to further subdividee the content and easy your readers' journey through the text.

Why use sub-sub-headings?

Breaking up your story into manageable chunks does two things:

  1. Makes your readers' life easier when they are skim reading your article
  2. Provides you with a further opportunity to add a keyword in a heading.

Of course, the action of making your website visitors life easier is the main reason to use heading, sub-heading and sub-sub-headings but it's also a great way to add some useful SEO content.Using the main keywords might be difficult as your article gets longer but don't forget that you can use alternatives and synonyms too. In Google terms, this is known as LSI or Latent Semantic indexing.

Tell A Seductive Story

I've already mentioned that people love to read stories. They simply want to hear your story and how it relates to them in their current situation.

The best-selling authors continually tell stories and keep us on the edge of our seat. Just like those best sellers you need to introduce internal "cliff-hangers" to keep your readers interested.

Imagine your blog traffic increasing tenfold; what could that do for your business?

Introducing these elements to your blog writing now and maintaining them in the future can help to reignite your older blog content if you start to link to the historic content where you feel that thois=e old blogs can add benefit to your readers journey through your website.

Keep Attention With Internal Cliffhangers

What exactly is a cliffhanger in a blog post? After all, you're not writing the latest episode of "Eastenders"!

 As the infographic tells us, cliffhangers are like "mini-moments of seduction" that keep your readers going. Sprinkling your article with interesting facts could be one way yo can do this.

Choose An Arresting Image

Pexels is my favourite free download, royalty free image library Images are an important factor in any website these days. Both in terms of visitor interest and for the search engine robots. There are many websites that you can find just the right image for your blog. 

Your image needs to illustrate your point or pull out some detail you want to highlight.

Here are a few Royalty Free Image Libraries where you can search for and download images for use in your blog. (buy images and use royalty free) (buy images and use royalty free) (FREE stock image library - use royalty free)

Although the free stock image library at Pexels is limited and has fewer images than in the paid libraries, it's my favourite. The images they have available are high quality and you can download in the size you need too.

Close In style

Rounding up your story for your website visitors is a great way to add a benefit for them. I always look for a "Conclusion" section in an information based blog post, that section where the writer "cuts to the chase". It's an easier way for me to get the main point of the article if I'm pressed for time and can't spend the time reading the whole thing.

Be Authentic

 Maintaining "Authenticity" in your writing is a really important element for you to maintain across your entire business. People want to know that you can be trusted and being authentic ion your writing can help you with that.

The copyblogger infographic above tells us that we should write the way we speak. Simply recording a conversation about your business, procut or service and then trascribing that conversation can be an amazing start to a very good article that'll really engage your website visitors.

Maybe making a list of questions you are asked about your business an danswering those in the same way that you would if you were at a business networking meeting.

Give it a try, it'll transform your writing style!



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